Students of intermediate schools eighth grade in Turkey went to the exam centres to do secondary school entry exam.

It’s known as LGS.

  El Menahil International  School,  as  one of those centres was visited by its eighth grade  students in the morning to do the same exam for secondary school entry.

The exam was done in an atmosphere of restrict rules of medical safety against Corona virus .
Students were deployed into classrooms taking in consideration  social distancing  in addition to sterilization and masks.

A committee of teachers was assigned to grade exam papers.
The committee started  its work as soon as students finished their exams.
They grading  process was done in compliance with the ÖSYM which  supervises these exams.
It’s  worthy to say that LGS exams  are important for students to determine the branch of learning a student will be allowed to study in the coming year.

We wish our students all the best for a prosperous future.


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