On last Tuesday, an emergent course on how to use technology in teaching.


The world changed into distant learning technology after the Corona virus epidemic and its consequences on various scales.

The focal point was ZOOM App as a means of distant learning application.
Our teachers will use it during the summer school which will start by the advent of next July.

The course lasted for two days in average 3 hours a day.
Teachers got general explanation about Zoom app, how to set up, to sign up an account and the right classroom management during lessons.
In addition to, the trainer talked about troubleshooting.

This course is within a plan set by the management in the last meetings. It is, also, one of other courses teachers will join before the coming of next school year.


  1. The following URLs contain explanatory videos about ZOOM APP.
  2. The videos are done by the technical office at Almanahil International School.


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