TZUCHI Charity Foundation is a humanitarian Taiwanese foundation which provides assistance and humanitarian aid relief for a wide range of Syrians in Istanbul.

For that reason, they started distributing monthly periodical help for all the beneficiaries from the foundation on Saturday and Friday 21-22/9/2019  as following:


  1. Buying coupons at a value of /150/ TL. For each family. And the number of the beneficiary families is 4412
  2. Poor families. The help provided to each family is between 350 -900 TL. And the number of the beneficiary families is 661
  3. The working students at El-Menahil International School. The help provided is between 250-900 LT. And the number of the beneficiary students is 326
  4. A number of volunteers have participated in the preparation and distribution process. The beneficiaries were divided into groups ( five groups a day) each one of them listens to a guiding lecture given by one of the committees of the foundation administration assembly.