Monthly distribution of December

Tzu Chi İyilik Vakfı began the distribution of the monthly gift to more than 10000 registered families.

This distribution, which began on December 11, includes various categories of beneficiaries of subsistence families, families with Bim cards, and families with emergency status, Corona, who also gets Bim cards, and families who get a four-month fuel allowance a year, as well as undergraduates and scholarship students, and this charity lasts until next Tuesday, 21 December.

Families have been divided into groups, each with 200 families to ensure social distancing. They have been coming early in the morning to
El-Menahil International School to receive their special gift.

This distribution comes in the light of the increasingly difficult living situation of families, due to the fact that most food prices have increased because of the drop of the Turkish lira exchange to the dollar. Hence, the value of the monthly gift has been increased for all families, which may contribute to meeting some of the basic needs of households.

And it’s worth mentioning that families got their gifts for two months (November and December).

Durıng the distribution events, parents and volunteers shared their words that brought every sense of love and gratitude to Tzu Chi İyilik Vakfı for its great effort and giving to Syrian refugees.

It was also a good event for Mr. Faisal, representative of Tzu Chi Foundation in Turkey, to confirm that Tzu Chi İyilik Vakfı will stand by the Syrians side until they return to their country when peace prevail so that they can plan their future and rebuild their homeland.


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