New Home For Tzu Chi

El-Menahil International School is transformed into a mass full of love and joy after Mr. Steven has announced that Tzu chi has bought a land to build a school for Syrian refugee children in Istanbul.

The news that all the students and their families have waited so long; to establish a school with more than 3000 students so that those who were unlucky to be enrolled in the school would reassure that their desire to join El-Menahil family will become reality soon.

Mr. Steven, the 74-year-old man, has a long experience of volunteer work in so many different countries. He is always the first in any work or volunteer assignment for Tzu Chi.

In a meeting with Tzu Chi Iyilik Vakfi volunteers, Mr. Steven talked about his volunteer work and the importance of volunteerism in the service of humanity.
Mr. Steven has visited El-Menahil International School with Mr. and Mrs. Hu to complete the land purchase project and then to go back to Warsaw to complete the Ukrainian refugees support project there.