Secondary Level Examinations

High School students at El-Menahil are taking second term tests, final tests for baccalaureate students at El-Menahel International School were launched simultaneously with its commencement in all Turkish states.
An Eye on the Future:
Since early morning, the approximately 25 male and female students have come to school to do the first test in the finals, on the journey of searching for the future and admission to one of the faculties, branches and universities in Turkey.

Measures and procedures:
All preventive measures have been taken such as sterilization, social distancing and other measures to facilitate a safe educational process. It should be noted that El-Menahel International School has adopted a system of distance education for different levels of study since the Corona pandemic.
Motivation and encouragement:
The General Director of El-Menahel International School, Professor Juma Thuraya, did a tour through the exam halls, urging students to do their best to get the highest grades that qualify them for their dreams of reaching a bright and prosperous future.
El -Menahel International School and its supporter, Tzu Chi Charitable Foundation, provide all the necessary support and resources to lead this generation to safety, believing that this generation is the hope of the next nation and that it will shoulder the responsibility to rebuild a country that has suffered the scourge of war, ignorance and deprivation.

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