Stories and suffering

Tzu Chi Foundation always strives to be with the needy, the helpless, the poor everywhere, and with those who want to live a decent and good life.

Sad stories of Beirut never end, for each family that lives in Al-Janah area has a story of misery and suffering.

One of those stories is Hajj Hussein, who suffers from chronic diseases, and receives assistance provided by Tzu Chi Charitable Foundation in cooperation with the Islamic Association of al-Futowa, and shares it with his children, who also live-in difficult living conditions.

Fatima Al-Khatib did not live her childhood like other children, and spent years in an orphanage instead of being with her mother, who lost her while she was still a child.

Sarah Khader also lives every day in grief because of her three children who suffer from various diseases and disabilities, in addition to her husband, who has become unable to work except for a little due to an injury he had at work.

Those families and hundreds of others felt a glimmer of hope after they finally found someone who cared about their condition and felt their pain.

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