Taiwan is in the hearts of the Syrians


Syrians in Istanbul express their solidarity with the Taiwanese people after the derailed train incident.

As soon as the tragic news of the train which crashed after going off the tracks the thing that led to the death of more than 40 people and wounding dozens reached, the Syrians, young and old, interacted with the accident and each expressed their solidarity with the families of the victims and wished a quick recovery for their wounds.

Sincere prays for the Taiwanese people that they overcome this ordeal began to flow out of hearts.

The tongues sincerely prayed, and the hearts grieved and agonized over the affliction of the brothers in Taiwan, the Taiwanese generous people who did everything for the sake of providing all kinds of material and moral support to the Syrians of all segments and redraw the future of their children.

Today, the Syrian children in El Menahil School pray for the gracious Taiwanese people that Allah protects Taiwan from evil, saves it, and that blesses its people with goodness and peace.

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