Beirut… this beautiful dreamy city

It is hard to imagine the critical cases and hard conditions there are.

Miserable conditions that all languages of the world are unable to express their suffering and pain. What makes their conditions even worse is that the majority of these families either have a handicapped person who has turned the family’s life into absolute grief or a sick member whose family may suffer all their lives without being able to secure the exorbitant costs of his treatment or a bedridden old woman who suffers from all kinds of oppression and pain.

As for their homes, the last thing that comes to your mind when you see them is that they are houses inhabited by human beings.

Most of the houses are a single room that serves as a kitchen, a bathroom, and a toilet at the same time. The ceilings of these houses are covered with tassels that turn the house into a block of flame in the summer, and into a snowball in the Beirut winter which has no mercy on neither children nor adults.

Relief aids provided by The Charitable Tzu Chi Foundation were distributed to these families.

How blessed by Allah we were to be a part of this good, which planted joy and happiness in the heart of people, who lived a miserable life.

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